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10 Step Guide to Control the Korg Kronos with the Roli Seaboard Rise

Welcome to the new blog section of my website! I will be posting content related to my musical endeavors in here. YouTube content will be connected with this blog as well.

Very few info is out there on how to use the amazing Seaboard Rise unlimited MIDI controller, made by ROLI, to control a synthesizer and expand your expressive capabilities. In today's post I will be focusing on my 10-step guide for the using of the KORG KRONOS with the Seaboard.

If you want to know more about this two amazing instruments, I will leave a link at the end of this post.




Controlling KORG KRONOS with ROLI Seaboard Rise


Plug your Seaboard Rise into your computer and go to the ROLI Dashboard app. Once there, set up the Pitch Bend Range to 12 and the Channel Mode to Single. Unplug your Seaboard


Plug your Seaboard into your KORG KRONOS using the USB Type A Port. Once connected, using the KRONOS, go to Program mode and open an empty EXi Program from the User Bank list. By this point you will be able to play the Seaboard and hear the Kronos's sound being triggered, however, the expression controls are not yet set up.


Go to the Exi 1 Tab, Then to OSC/PITCH, Go to the Tab called Pitch Common. Once there, Set the Joystick Plus X and Minus X to +12 and -12 respectively. This will pair the pitch bend range of both instruments.


Inside the Exi 1 Tab, go to the Filter tab, then Basic. Make sure your filter routing is set to single and that your Filter Type A is a Low Pass. Set the Frequency to 10, then set the level to 99 and the AMS to After Touch. This will work as the Slide control on the Seaboard adding a dynamic crescendo.


Go to the Filter Mod Tab, inside the Filter Modulation, set the AMS1 and AMS2 to Aftertouch. Set the Intensity to +33 each. Remember that After Touch is MIDI CC 74, so this will work as the Press control on the Seaboard.


Inside the AMP/Driver Tab, go to AMP EG. Inside Envelope, set the Time Attack to 20 and leave the rest as it is. After that, save your program as ROLI INIT PROG.


Once again, plug your Seaboard to the Computer and open the Dashboard. Change the channel mode to Multi with a range from 1 to 4. Finally plug it again to the KRONOS.


In the KRONOS, go to Combi mode and select an empty Comi from the User Bank List. Assign the Program you saved as ROLI INIT PROG to the tracks 1 through 4.


Go to the Timbre Parameter tab and under MIDI Tab, make sure you have MIDI channels 1 through 4 assigned to the tracks 1 through 4 respectively. By doing this the ROLI will be able to handle Polyphonic Expression on the KRONOS.


Save your Combi as ROLI INIT COMBI and add all the insert effects you'd like. By this point you should be ready to play the KRONOS sounds with your ROLI Seaboard Rise, approaching all the expressive possibilities the controller has to offer.

If you want a more detailed, visual explanation, please watch my video tutorial on how to make this pairing! 

See you on my next post!